Guido Coletti
: Since he was a child he worked the bread dough with alacrity, like his father, creating a variety of forms.
Then he began his first works, he tried to make his works visible and recognizable. His works live physically and enter in the socio-cultural tissue.
His way of working has always been ambivalent characterized by deconstruction and construction and

by re-using and doing again. This last concept must be intended as putting again, but in different conditions. This way he means to investigate the complex contemporary reality that must not be led to a pure clash of civilization because it has, surely, certain foundations in the matter.
So, all artist’s work emphasizes the language of something that is “object and material substance”.
This way he means the cement for “MURI” (of Berlin 1964). Pieces of motors and iron for “DOVE VAI MAN” (1967). In 1970 he published the book of poetry “L’ EPOCA DEI BARBARI”.....

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